from Crisis to Biodiversity Conservation 


Biodiversity Conservation in a Changing World

8:00-9:30       Registration

9:30-10:00     Conference opening

10:00-12:40   Section: Insight to biodiversity loss and solutions on a worldwide scale (Chairman – Michael Hošek)

  • Plenary talk: Jiří Černý – Viruses in the globalized world (50 min/in-person)
  • David Storch – The future of biodiversity in the Anthropocene (20 min/in-person)
  • Coffee break (30 min)
  • Veronika Hunt Šafránková – Global biodiversity towards 2030 (20 min/online)
  • Martin Mikoláš – Carpathian primary forests – research and conservation (20 min/in-person)
  • Michael Hošek – EU Protected Areas under the strict protection – solution or challenge? (20 min/in-person)

12:40-13:40     Lunch time

13:40-16:30     Section: From animal hunting to monitoring – where we are (Chairman – Arthur Sniegon)

  • Plenary talk: Daniel Ingram – Building an evidence-base to track the hunting, consumption, and trade of wildlife (50 min/online)
  • Thomas Breuer – Forest elephants in Central Africa – outlook for recovery and coexistence? (20 min/online)
  • Coffee break & poster session (40 min)
  • Rens Ilgen – Civil society fighting wildlife crime in Africa (20 min/online)
  • Adéla Hemelíková – Specifics of sea turtle use and trade in selected areas in Sumatra, Indonesia (20 min/in-person)
  • Tereza Mináriková – Illegal hunting – a major threat for the BBA lynx population? (20 min/in-person)

16:30-17:00     Closing session  

17:00-18:00     Film projection: Michael Havas – Morituri te salutant (30 minutes + discussion)

19:00-23:00     Informal evening

Sustainable Future of Conservation – Best Practices

8:30-9:40       Registration

9:40-12:20     Section: Current trends of human and nature relationship – lessons learned (Chairman – Tomáš Ouhel)

  • Plenary talk: Wahdi Azmi – Sumatran elephants: human-wildlife conflict in the stronghold of wilderness in Aceh (50 min/online)
  • Matthew Ward – The other side of conservation: how people impact the success or failure of a conservation initiative (20 min/online)
  • Coffee break (30 min)
  • Rod Cassidy – Experiences in making an ecotourism project work to fund biodiversity conservation (20 min/online)
  • Kateřina Holubová – Eco-friendly livelihoods in exchange for safe wildlife in Sumatra: a conservation story, that modern zoos made possible (20 min/in-person)
  • Vojtěch Vosecký – The links between circular economy, climate change and biodiversity in cities – a story from Prague (20 min/online)

12:20-13:20     Lunch time

13:20-16:30     Section: Endangered species in human care – importance and future perspectives (Chairman: Karolína Brandlová)

  • Plenary talk: Elmar Fienieg – Population management in zoos and aquariums: what piece of the conservation puzzle? (50 min/in-person)
  • Jan Stejskal – How to breed an extinct species? The curious case of the northern white rhino (20 min/in-person)
  • Coffee break & poster session (40 min)
  • Budhan S. Pukazhenthi – Integrating animal management practices and reproductive sciences for conservation of endangered ungulates (20 min/online)
  • Andrew Tilker – Saving the rare species of the Annamites: the nexus between in-situ and ex-situ conservation (20 min/in-person)
  • Clio Smeeton – Differing perspectives on wildlife management in Alberta, Canada and their impact on species survival and biodiversity (20 min/online)
  • Jaroslav Šimek – The Przewalski’s horse: a textbook conservation story and its future challenges – The Return of the Wild Horses project (20 min/in-person)

16:30-17:00     Closing session (poster awards)

18:30-00:00     Social evening and sustainable fashion exhibition


Guided tour through plant species conservation projects in Botanical Garden Troja